Updated Lead Times for New Casting Orders Oct 22

October 19th, 2022, 9:36 AM

Dear Valued Customer: 

As of Oct. 2022, our lead time for new casting orders is: 

  • No Core - 6 weeks  
  • With Core - 8 weeks  
  • Each value-add operation should add an additional 2-3 weeks added to the lead time above. Regrettably, machining, while improving, remains a bottleneck.  

*** Please note that orders already placed will still take precedence over new orders. *** 

Urick has never quoted dual lead times, but we want to be transparent regarding the reality of our current production capacity. We have had success in staffing most parts of our facility to your demand, but our Core Room remains a COVID-constrained area.  

This lead time reflects the span of time from receipt of the order to shipment of raw castings. Upon receipt of an order, a confirmation including the promised ship date will be provided via e-mail. Orders as value-added products will ship approximately two to four weeks after the lead time provided above – depending on the additional processes to be completed (e.g. heat treating, painting. etc.). 

Please remember we have a four-week firm order window for cast-and-ship (CS) and a six-week firm order window for value-added (VA). By this we mean when an order enters that window, we plan to produce and ship your product(s). The reason for this is during the same time we are beginning to invest the time and materials to produce your product. If you need to move the due date of the order further into the future, that move needs to be completed prior to the firm window. 

Please send all purchase orders to Urick.Orders@emerson.com.  

If applicable, please pass this on to anyone else in your organization responsible for ordering Urick castings. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours please inquire if the PO was received.  

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