Urick Announces Shorter Lead Times

November 5th, 2021, 1:07 PM

Urick recently announced shorter lead times, from 30 weeks to 24 weeks. Twenty-four weeks is still way too long, but we have made substantial progress in hiring over the last few months and improved the productivity of our robotics while continuing to maintain a culture of employee safety. We are in the second week of shutdown and we look forward to a smooth startup on Monday, November 8th. Two additional robots will be brought online in late spring and we have a backlog of people who want to work for Urick

While we have increased our overall capacity, demand peaked in the May/June time period, shortly after the Purchasing Managers Index hit a recent high of 64.7. Anything above 50 demonstrates expansion. October's figure was a very healthy 60.8. The heavy truck industry remains very robust. We all enjoy having our products delivered to our door and Urick is in the middle of this transformation. Rail is experiencing steadily increasing demand and recreation remains strong. 

Finally, requests for new products have increased after a long lull. We suspect folks are looking to diversify their supply chains, reshore some products, and scuttle poor suppliers. The next year will be fascinating to watch as the global economy continues to evolve.

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