Measuring Satisfaction with Ductile Iron Suppliers

February 21st, 2023, 9:53 AM
ductile iron supplier and customer shaking hands

The bedrock of any supplier relationship is supplier performance — fail to deliver products that meet customer expectations (cost, volume, specifications, turnaround time) and you can be relatively assured you will lose that contract. Manufacturing supply chains have faced steep challenges in recent years — things like labor shortages, material shortages, sociopolitical upheavals, natural disasters, and pandemics can cause major interruptions and delays, whether individually or in concert.

Living in the same manufacturing supply chain ecosystem, Urick has not been immune to these challenges. However, it has been able to rebound and stand out among ductile iron suppliers, keeping with a reputation for reliability and quality our clients roundly embrace. This is not because of what we do, but how we do it.

How do we know? We asked! Urick recently sent out a customer satisfaction survey to our partners, and although we were pleased with what they had to say, we were not surprised. Why? Our belief in our people, our process, and our premium inputs — differentiators that make Urick a top ductile iron foundry and premier castings supplier.

Fundamentals of good supplier relationships

The best supplier relationships not only deliver on expectations, but exceed them by promoting mutual improvement in product or in process. That cannot happen without a sturdy foundation grounded in the following fundamentals.

Communication and understanding

Communication channels must be open and utilized to their fullest. Keep every stakeholder in the loop, even if everything is going according to plan. Cultivate an eagerness to share good news and positive developments. Occasional setbacks are a reality of any supply chain, but conversation shouldn't be reserved exclusively for troubleshooting.

Transparency and trust

In any partnership, stakeholders undertake a certain level of risk. Your partner should be able to provide every assurance that they are an asset, not a liability — certifications, records, reports, contingency plans, and information pertaining to the whole scope of their operations. Transparency and trust are inextricably linked.

Appreciation and alignment

Mutualism is the ultimate benchmark of the supplier-partner relationship — when each party's objectives and goals align with results, everyone benefits. Offering constructive feedback and showing appreciation can go a long way toward establishing loyalty for years to come.

Why engineers love Urick

"Thanks for being a trusted supplier for us.  We are very happy with the quality of parts and timely delivery we are getting from you and hope we can continue to build our relationship."

— Anonymous Director of Engineering and Operations

Ductile iron castings have many uses in many industries — including many mission-critical applications wherein failure is not an option. Product engineers can only afford to rely on ductile iron suppliers who meet their specifications as closely as possible in regard to:

  • Part dimensions/tolerances
  • Part performance

Urick's proprietary ductile iron casting process produces near-net shape castings with industry-best nodularity ratings. That means your parts come out both in-shape and fit for their appointed task. 100% resonant frequency testing ensures quality through and through.

Why purchasing/procurement loves Urick

"96.34% on time, awesome job."

— Anonymous Buyer

"We all know the new normal for the supply chain is frustrating. Even with the challenges with current deliveries, Joe always keeps my plant very well-informed on delivery status. It is a pleasure to work with you guys."

— Anonymous Material Planner

Supply chains can be fickle, fragile, and unforgiving. If there is a snag anywhere in the chain, projects can quickly run out of scope and out of time. Dependable ductile iron suppliers like Urick help keep production on-pace and deliveries on-schedule. By maintaining lifetime patterns for our customers, we assure faster turnaround times than the competition.

By staying accountable to our customers, we help you stay accountable to your customers.

It's no wonder then that procurement professionals had more good things to say about us than anyone!  Purchasers praised Urick's customer service, performance, cooperativeness, and spirit of collaboration. We are grateful for their kind words and continuing relationships. 

Why risk management loves Urick

No one likes a liability. At best, supplier blunders can lead to loss of time and productivity. At worst, those mistakes could lead to a loss of business and even loss of life. Risk managers can rest assured that their interests are in good hands at Urick Foundry. Urick's training programs and award-winning safety culture aim to cultivate workers who operate our equipment safely, efficiently, and effectively.

As an Emerson company, we believe it is our duty to get behind our people and their interests, to empower them to support yours. 

Let us become your preferred ductile iron casting supplier

Urick is honored to be the preferred ductile iron casting supplier of existing customers, and is motivated to obtain the same status with your company. Get in touch with us and see how we can collaborate today.


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