Rugged applications. Rugged products.

Outdoor sports recreation assumes many forms, but few where performance isn't paramount. These are our hobbies, interests, and passions — often threaded with an element of excitement or danger that makes us feel more alive. Given this, it's imperative recreation equipment matches the demands of the activity — and our enthusiasm. 

Whether your customers' adventures take them near or far, ductile iron is up to the challenge. Strong and durable yet flexible and adaptable, Urick's ductile iron castings consistently outperform the competition. And when your recreation equipment performs, your brand wins.



WHat Gives Urick the Edge in Sports Recreation Equipment?

Exceptional Aerodynamics

In sports recreation, physics matters. In-mold inoculation and sand casting produce near-net shapes — meaning your equipment performs exactly as you engineered it. 

UNdoubtable detail

Urick uses some of the finest grain sand in the industry for its castings, resulting in remarkable lettering clarity and quality — and allowing your branding to stand out in the spotlight.

A Knack for Niche

The "u" in Urick is for "unique" — we take pride in our capability to form unique products for your unique applications through our unique processes. Your niche is truly our command.


What kind of sports equipment does Urick cast parts for?

Urick casts horseshoes, parts for 4-wheelers (ATVs), lift kits for trucks, off-roading equipment, and more. Tell us what you need — we'd love to help bring ductile iron into your sport's arena as well. 

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