Resources and Reach to match the Rules and REgulations.

Suppliers and manufacturers of defense-related items know that ITAR compliance is complicated. ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) is the United States' substantial set of rules governing the import and export of all defense-related products, services, and/or technical data included in the U.S. Munitions List (USML). Everyone and anyone who interacts with a USML-linked item within a supply chain is subject to ITAR. 

Ductile iron castings are a perfect match for military and defense applications — but most foundries are not. Backed by Emerson's extensive resources, Urick is uniquely positioned to manufacture ITAR compliant parts and defense castings for U.S. military subcontractors. You can rest assured that your part will not only meet your application's exacting specifications but also pass inspection with flying colors. 



WHY IS Urick a Fit for ITAR Compliant Ductile Iron Castings?

Our Processes.

In-mold vertical inoculation yields near-net shapes for military-grade precision. Ductile iron and austempered ductile iron (ADI) inherently offer military-grade strength while weighing 10% less than steel, saving big on material costs.

Our Resources.

Our ITAR-registered parent company, Emerson, knows the ITAR compliance rulebook inside and out. Their full-time legal support team and vast experience with ITAR components are not only assets to Urick, they're assets to you.

Our Willingness.

Few foundries are willing to navigate the legal labyrinth that is ITAR — even fewer can negotiate their way out of it when questions arise. Backed by the Emerson network of resources, Urick offers swift resolutions with fewer delays.


What is the purpose of ITAR?

ITAR is intended to control the availability and accessibility of certain defense-related technologies and data, especially pertaining to foreign parties. By adhering to ITAR compliance requirements, ITAR registered manufacturers and exporters can ensure these items are conveyed safely without posing any threats to the national interest.

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