When it comes to forming metals to meet your needs, details matter — a part's intended function will influence its physical dimensions, metallurgical composition, thermodynamic properties, and more. For decades, ductile iron (AKA ductile cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron, or nodular cast iron) has been trusted by a broad spectrum of industries for its quality and cost-effectiveness. With Urick's proprietary metal forming process and best-in-class casting equipment, we ensure quality, consistency, and efficiency every time for turnkey solutions to fit nearly any industrial application.


Urick's in-mold inoculation ductile iron casting process introduces fine particles (inoculants) that influence solidification and imbue more favorable structural characteristics. Vertical casting introduces fewer gas bubbles that would detriment the metal's density and other vital properties. The appropriate level of magnesium is added to every mold, eliminating fade, providing a consistent microstructure, lower as-cast hardness, and improved magnesium recovery. Slag and inclusions float into the bath. High nodularity (85% or better) and low carbides result.

metal forming capabilities

sand casting


Sand casting allows for an array of design possibilities that is virtually unmatched by other methods. This casting process can accommodate parts small and large, simple and complex — without running up the cost. Urick uses the finest grain sand in the industry, which provides superior surface finish and letter quality.


At Urick, we produce all of our patterns in-house using the latest, cost-effective urethane pattern technology. This allows us to produce precision patterns, minimizing the amount of parting line flash. Our customers own their patterns and we store them. We also replace worn patterns at no cost to our customers.


urick employee resonant frequency testing


Every single ductile casting produced by Urick is tested with our Resonant Frequency Test machine to ensure that the percent nodularity exceeds SAE specifications, which is important for critical applications. Urick guarantees 85% or better nodularity in its ductile iron castings (compared with the minimum industry standard of 80% nodularity).


In addition to single, cast component parts, Urick can provide savings through a one-stop solution of machining, assembly, heat-treating, powder coating, e-coating, galvanizing, and plating. Our in-house capabilities range from pattern maintenance to austempering (ADI) to grinding and trimming. Our finishing department utilizes a continuous shot-blast machine, robotic grinders, and trimming equipment to minimize costs and reduce lead times. For all other services, we work with qualified outside partners.

metal forming capabilities

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